31 Tone Equal Temperament

Equal Temperament

An equal temperament, abbreviated ET, is a musical tuning which consists of equal divisions, usually of the octave. (An exception, the Bohlen-Pierce scale, equally divides the tritave, or an octave plus a fifth). Such tunings and scales are said to be equally tempered.

Why equal temperament at all?

Since this site advocates for a particular equal temperament, 31-ET, it is important to ask the question of why one would want to use equal temperament at all. Some of the main benefits of equally-tempered tunings (over tunings based on just intonation) are:

Personal reasons for preferring equal temperament

On a personal note, I would like to share why I love equal temperaments, and why, compared to equal temperament, I find just intonation to be both difficult to work with and boring: